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94. The Muses: Matty Healy (Part 1: The Timeline)


It’s finally here. In today’s electric season finale, which serves as the longest informative episode of Taylearning released to date, your hosts cover a comprehensive timeline of the torrid & sordid relationship between Taylor Swift and Matty Healy. After scouring the internet, cross-referencing multiple timelines, and reaching out to personal contacts, Dani & Olivia have compiled ~150 noteworthy moments in time…and they are ready to share their findings. It may have been surprising to most when ‘The Tortured Poets Department’s’ muse apparent was the frontman of pop rock band The 1975, but once you’re presented with the decade of details compiled in this episode, you’ll understand how a relationship that only formally lasted a month could inspire over two hours of songs…at least.

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