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Big Shot Bob – Ep 164 – Don’t Ding Me



After Rob’s trip to Atlanta last week, we go over the stuff that happened while he was on the road – and how surprised some of us were that Jamal Murray didn’t get suspended for his heat-pad toss. It’s also wild to see the Timberwolves playing with way less effort and enthusiasm with Rudy Gobert in the line-up, proving to Rob and B-Dog that he should not have been Defensive Player of the Year. We also take a quick look at Shaq’s feud with Shannon Sharpe after it got super personal, and how we love the Big Fella but he needs to have thicker skin. The Knicks and Pacers series has been officiated very poorly according to Rob, and he knew it would happen because the Knicks are worn out and the league is doing them a favor. And as all good teams do, the Celtics held the Cavs off and it looks like curtains for Cleveland. Will JJ Redick be the next Lakers coach? Rob says would retire from Spectrum if he was, and compares it (though B-Dog feels unfairly) to Steve Nash’s time as the Nets head coach. Rob says he would definitely take the gig if it were offered to him, but only if he could pick his coaching staff, because he feels like that makes all the difference. Ultimately Ty Lue is the big winner, because he’ll get caught in a bidding war between the Lakers and Clippers. Plus the Hawks win the draft lottery in a year where there is no high profile talent on the board, because that’s Atlanta, we have some amazing audio of the week from Luka’s postgame press conference (where is sounds like someone was watching something dirty), offer up an inspiring Big Shot of the Week, and play another fun round of Shot Clock!

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