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Big Shot Bob – Ep 167 – Momma Raised Them Right



Rob opens the show this week with his fatigue over the “who has more rings” debate, and how some of the best players in NBA history never won a ring but are still the best. We also joke about how long the Celtics and Mavericks have to sit around and wait for the NBA Finals to start. Rob says the down time benefits the Celtics as Porzingas gets healthy and hurts the Mavericks who’ve been on a roll. Rob and Jenners pick the Mavericks to win it all, while Harper is still on the fence. And of course we go head first into the raging WNBA debate, which is all about storylines – and how Rob feels like the Caitlin Clark “story” is starting to drag on the other players and frustrate them. Rob agrees with Matt Barnes in the fact that Caitlin’s teammates needs to watch over her, and how Caitlin also needs to learn not to take any grief from other players. And we break down the monstrous fallout from First Take’s WNBA meltdown, and how Rob feels like the media has grown so driven for story that it irritates the players and the league by harping on the same narratives. Rob also feels like the Lakers dragging out the coaching hire means that they’re waiting for JJ Redick to finish his NBA media season before hiring him as the new Lakers head coach. The Audio of the Week comes from the New Black Panther Party’s Brother Quanell X (who Rob knows) breaking down a controversy at a local elementary school, and 85-year-old high school graduate gets Big Shot of the Week, and another classic round of Black Crime or White Crime!

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