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Big Shot Bob – Ep 168 – Sloppy Seconds



We kick off the week in the midst of the NBA Finals, as Rob is headed to Bogota, Columbia for an NBA Finals viewing party. And we get deep into the first two games of the Finals, with Rob and Rob both nominating Jaylen Brown as the early MVP, and Harper says he’s not surprised by this series so far because Boston doing what they do best by suffocating the Mavericks. And we’re all waiting for either Luka or Kyrie to take over a game or two and extend the series. Rob also weighs in on Shaq’s comments that he wasn’t the best player on the Lakers during their title runs, as he disagrees with the big fella, saying he was both the best and most dominant player on the floor. Dan Hurley also shot down an offer to coach the Lakers this week, leading Rob to reaffirm that JJ is going to be the hire, as he does not think Borrego is a good coach. And Rob feels like Caitlin Clark needs to earn her stripes in the WNBA before expecting a spot on the Olympic team, because as he goes through the roster of all-time greats that are playing, she just doesn’t stack up yet. Plus some more Hall of Fame love from Rob from Rudy Tomjanovich, a really cool Big Shot of the Week, and Rob and Harper square off in a hilarious round of Shootout!

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