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Big Shot Bob – Ep 171 – Talk To Your Husband



It’s an ENORMOUS NBA show this week, as free agency and extensions have gone insane! We start with the story that had us confused all weekend, as the Lakers draft Bronny James with the 55th pick… and not because the Lakers drafted him, but because Rich Paul was calling teams telling them “don’t draft Bronny.” We get into the business decision of it all, and how Bronny doesn’t get his “draft moment” on stage, and it might hamper his growth as a player. But Rob is excited to see what he does for the Summer League. Of course we discuss Paul George signing with the Sixers, as people believe that Philly is the one team in the East to compete with Boston, and Rob says that solely rests on the health of those Big 3. We also get into Jayson Tatum’s record breaking deal, with his five-year $315M contract… and when you look at the money, the Celtics roster will be owed upwards of a BILLION dollars. And the Luxury Tax bill is also a record setter! And how about Klay Thompson turning down more money from the Lakers! Rob says he likely feels like Dallas has a better shot to win, and of course there’s no state tax! But was Klay owed a legacy contract from Golden State? Plus Donovan’s Mitchell big extension with the Cavs, KCP’s move to Orlando, Chris Paul to the Spurs, Dejounte Murray teaming with Zion Williamson in New Orleans, and the Nets continue to try and move on from Ben Simmons. And a Big Shot of the Week goes to the Dodgers ball boy who saved Shohei Ohtani’s life on a foul ball!

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