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Big Shot Bob - Ep 172 - Cameroonian Traitor



As we approach the start of the Summer Olympics in Paris, we get heavy into the Team USA lineup and how Anthony Edwards has the big confidence going into the games. Rob also brings up the question about whether or not Joel Embiid should be on Team USA considering he’s been a US citizen less than two years. Rob says he should NOT be on the team but is probably playing for the US, instead of Cameroon, because it’s his best chance to win gold. And we argue extensively about who we believe should make up the starting five for Team USA. Paul George breaks down the circumstances that lead to him leaving the Clippers for Philly, and how disrespected he felt by the offers LA put on the table. Rob also feels like Philly was a better landing spot than Golden State, which is where PG almost landed in a sign-and-trade. Plus Steph finally spoke out about losing Klay, and we all believe that while Klay didn’t get a heritage contract, Steph Curry would definitely get that deal to stay. We also ask Rob how disappointed he is in the Lakers free agency moves, and he says the Lakers are fine because no one ever wants to help them. And we debate if the Caleb Martin move is indicative of the Heat’s decline, a shout out to Angel Reese for breaking a WNBA record, and a cool Big Shot of the Week to a 4th of July hero. Plus it’s the return of Walmart or Waffle House!

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