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Big Shot Bob – Episode 158 – The State Flag Has Wrinkles



Rob was in the building to see Alabama knock off North Carolina and advance to the Final Four, and the crew talks about the DJ Burns phenomenon at NC State, the Iowa-LSU game on the women’s side, and Zach Edey’s controversial comments after Purdue advanced to the Final Four. We also get into the LeBron James comments that his career is reaching its end, largely because that wasn’t breaking news, but Rob looks at it from the perspective of a former player who was worn down from the mental and physical grind of playing in the league. Jenners also has to eat some crow after Anthony Davis has reached 70 games started, and we play some audio of the funniest April Fool’s prank on an unassuming mom! Plus Joel Embiid’s possible return this week could be a turning point for the Sixers, what Draymond Green has done to the Warriors dynasty, and Paul George’s future in LA or elsewhere. We also give out one of the best Big Shots of the Week we’ve heard in ages, and Rob and B-Dog face off in another classic round of Black Crime or White Crime!

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