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Big Shot Bob – Shoot Around Ep 41 – Shaq Broke That Rule



Rob wants to know how B-Dog treats his beard as we open the bonus show this week. We also take a minute to recognize Opening Day as the national holiday it deserves to be, and we ask Rob how important it really is for players to play in a city they love as we reflect on the failure of the Nets to attract star players. Plus Rob reminds Mike Greenberg and everyone listening that NO college team at level could even attempt to compete with pro teams. And Kendrick Perkins saying he’d ride with Brunson over all other point guards spurs a debate about what point guard we would want to run with into the postseason. Paul Pierce also brings a debate to the show as he said that Steph’s influence on the NBA was greater than Jordan or Magic’s. And we close it out with a Start-Bench-Cut between Draymond, Pat Bev and Bobby Portis.

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