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Big Shot Bob – Shoot Around Ep 50 – Horry vs Armadillo



This week’s audio of the week leads off the Shoot Around as a Wheel of Fortune contest went viral for guessing “Right in the Butt” on a toss-up. That spirals us into our all-time favorite viral videos, from “Sum Ting Wong” to the bug-in-the-mouth reporter. We also get Rob’s inside take on the Lakers coaching search and why it’s taking so long to hire a new coach. Plus as Steph Curry and his wife welcome their fourth child, Rob and Jenners share experiences of our kids’ births. It was also wild to see Travis Kelce get booed at the Western Conference Finals, and we find out if Rob is excited for Bad Boys and other films that deserved a sequel. And after Dolphins linebacker Jaelen Phillips found an iguana in his toilet we joke about Rob’s run-ins with wildlife.

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