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Big Shot Bob – Shoot Around Ep 51 – I Hope They Aren’t That Dumb



Tracy McGrady says Steph Curry still has not cracked his Top 10 all time, so the debate ensues from the start of the bonus show about where (if at all) he’d fall on our lists. And after Luka got his beer poached in the WCF celebration, we ask Rob what those locker rooms are like after a big win… and Rob says there was NO celebration after winning the Conference Finals when he played, they just went home and started working on the next series. We also have an American Gladiators reboot coming to Prime, so we get into some of our favorite shows from our youth that we think deserve a reboot. Listeners want to know how much of the Olympics Rob will watch this summer, and which sports, plus did Rob ever go the celibacy route like Lenny Kravitz, and a look at Justin Jefferson’s record setting NFL contract has us taking a look at the deficiencies of other NFL teams. And the argument about who the best player in the league is between Jokic, Luka and Giannis.

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