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BJ and Bill The Podcast EP - 47


This week, catching up on BJ’s ongoing health and wellness story. Another routine hospital and doc visit for the man who should be getting frequent flyer miles for his travels to and from Tampa General Hospital. The good news: BJ continues to be in good health, aside from the usual complaints of a couple guys saddled with simply getting older…

Also, stay tuned as BJ offers Bill some “highly valuable” dating advice. You be the judge on on the value of the advice. Hint: It has to do with who picks the movie for the first date. For Bill, that opportunity is already passed… but maybe it’ll help your dating life! 

The boys also get into a bit of a heated discussion (not at each other) over the “trust the science” debates of the past couple of years. Honestly, they do a pretty good job of keeping it “familiy friendly” … as they used to say about the radio show in years past. 

All this, and more. Just like every week! And don’t forget! Your comments, suggestions, and especially REVIEWS are welcome. Those great reviews on your favorite podcast resource are very much appreciated. As always, get in touch anytime! Email the show at:, or simply search for “BJandBillPodcast” on Facebook.

Thanks! See you next week…

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