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Welcome to October 7, 2022 on the National Day Calendar. Today we celebrate a happy accident and non-verbal communication. 
Many of us can’t get going in the morning without a caffeine fix. Luckily for coffee drinkers, Dimitris Vakondios was no exception. Dimitris was a Nestle employee in Greece who really needed his morning buzz. One fateful day he discovered there was no hot water in the office, but Dimitris would not be deterred. He mixed instant coffee with cold water and ice, then shook it up and created a new twist on an old favorite. Today this chilled coffee drink called the Frappe is familiar to anyone who loves their java cold, and people mix things up with a variety of flavors. On National Frappe Day, chill out with your favorite version of this happy accident.
From eye movement, hand gestures to crossing legs, everything communicates to the people around us. While these nonverbals can help us in everyday life, there are people who make a career out of reading body language. Espionage relies heavily on observing unconscious ticks as experts look for things as simple as scrunching one’s nose or licking one’s lips, which are tells that can give you away. One spy was caught simply because of the way he held a bouquet of flowers! You may not need to save the world, but you can become more skilled at what someone is thinking or feeling by the way they carry themselves on National Body Language Day.
I’m Anna Devere and I’m Marlo Anderson. Thanks for joining us as we Celebrate Every Day.
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