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City | Country - feat. Peter Pennoyer


Today, I am very excited to be speaking with architect extraordinaire, Peter Pennoyer.

Peter is the founding partner of Peter Pennoyer Architects, New York-based architecture and design firm. He’s a member of Architectural Digest AD100, a fellow of the American Institute of Architects, and the 2024 recipient of the Richard H Treehouse Prize, one of the most prestigious awards in the architecture industry.

He’s the co-author of six books on 20th Century American Architects and the author of A House In The Country, written with his wife, interior designer Katie Ritter. Recent projects include a house for the Jeff Koons family, an art deco-style apartment building on Madison Avenue, and Rowdy Meadow, an award-winning Czech-Cuban-style house in Ohio.

The firm’s newest book, Peter Pennoyer’s Architect: City | Country, was published by Vendome Press in the Fall of 2023. In today’s episode, Peter and I talk about his inspirations, his creative process, beautiful historic architecture in and around New York, and about his new book City Country.

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