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JJ Cassiere is the co-founder of 33 & West, an independent talent agency that specializes in the representation of established and emerging musicians, comedians, and film & television entertainment professionals. Utilizing his 20+ years of experience, Cassiere oversees the diverse Music Touring Department alongside his partners, and leads the agency’s Comedy Department, where he has worked closely with well-known, established headliners, while also nurturing emerging talent from the screen to the stage, transforming them into headlining sensations with robust ticket sales, selling out all types of venues around the globe.

00:00 – Welcome

04:44 – JJ Cassiere and how he started 33 & West

12:16 – The roots of 33 & West from the Florida punk metal scene

17:14 – When it comes to representation, what do you look for in a new artist?

21:15 – How important is ticket history when finding representation, and what is your approach with developing a new artist?

29:22 – Support tours and tour buy-ons

39:28 – JJ’s philosophy of picking up the phone

45:46 – How do you set up tours for guarantees vs door splits?

55:04 – Merch splits at venues

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