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Jensen and Holes: The Murder Squad

Retired Cold Case Investigator Paul Holes and Investigative Journalist Billy Jensen dig deep into unsolved murders, unidentified remains and missing persons cases. Each week listeners ride shotgun as Holes and Jensen attempt to solve the crime using a variety of methods, from old-fashioned detective work to advanced technologies including familial DNA searches, social media geotargeting, and maybe most important—the skills of their listeners who send in tips and theories, becoming active members of The Murder Squad.

Latest Episodes:

  • The Murder of Candance Boley
    36-year-old Candance Boley was discovered murdered in her home in Killeen, Texas, on July 11th, 2011. She hadn't been seen since July 9th. Over 10 people's DNA were found inside... Read more
    Published on: 2021-08-02
  • Where is Baby Gabriel?
    In December 2009, Elizabeth Johnson took her seven month old son Gabriel to San Antonio, Texas, from Tempe, Arizona. His father Logan McQueary was supposed to pick him up on... Read more
    Published on: 2021-07-26
  • The Murder of Mary Morgan Pewitt, Part 2
    Billy and Paul continue to look into the murder of Mary Morgan Pewitt. On Saturday, June 4th, 1988, her body was discovered in Comanche, Oklahoma. Mary's daughter Kira wonders if... Read more
    Published on: 2021-07-19
  • The Murder of Mary Morgan Pewitt, Part 1
    On Saturday, June 4th, 1988, the body of Mary Morgan Pewitt was discovered by her two young daughters and her mother in Comanche, Oklahoma. The case has no shortage of... Read more
    Published on: 2021-07-12
  • A Serial Killer in Rocky Mount, NC?
    From 2005 until 2010, the area of Rocky Mount, North Carolina, seemed to be the hunting ground of a serial killer. It took months or years before most of the... Read more
    Published on: 2021-07-05
  • Who Killed Kathleen Lombardo?
    Paul Haynes joins Billy and Paul to discuss the case that originally brought Michelle McNamara into the world of true crime. On August 1, 1984, 24-year-old Kathleen Lombardo left for... Read more
    Published on: 2021-06-28
  • Was There a Washington Strangler?
    Six women were murdered within eight months in or near Washington County, Pennsylvania in 1976 and 1977. One was discovered in a trash can, another in the trunk of her... Read more
    Published on: 2021-06-21
  • Are the Lewis Clark Valley Cases Connected?
    A series of five cases in the Lewis Clark Valley began with a 12-year-old girl going missing. After that a 22-year-old woman was killed, two stepsisters were then murdered and... Read more
    Published on: 2021-06-14