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174: Why New Year's Resolutions Fail After 13 Days - with Heidi Powell

The 60-Day Get Fit Challenge implements workouts that can be performed at the gym or at home. You’ll be sculpting your muscles, building mass, and shaping your body with supersets, drop sets, tri-sets, HIIT cardio, metabolic conditioning, and much more. Beyond the physical challenges, the weekly lives also dive into the mental and emotional components of transformation, all supported by a private Facebook community that loves and supports you as you are, right where you are. Learn more by clicking this link –>

Dave’s book Built Through Courage is available now! Dave was recently confronted with the fact that he was living the life someone else wanted for him. After weathering a highly publicized personal crisis amid the backdrop of an international pandemic and navigating the enjoyable but unpredictable waters of being a single father to four kids, he has been forced to become the captain of his own life and is ready to teach others how to do the same.

I want to be your coach. Yes, YOU! Join me at Growth Day, not for pre-taped lessons, but for weekly LIVE coaching. Click the link and gain access to my coaching + some of the world leaders in personal growth like Brendon Burchard, Jenna Kutcher, Jamie Kern Lima, and more! ->

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