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187: Are You Prioritizing You? - with Heidi Powell

This week on Rise Together Dave is joined by his partner, fitness and personal development expert and influencer, Heidi Powell! 

Dave reflects on his journey of slowing down, stepping back, and prioritizing himself – the work that was necessary for him to continue taking steps toward becoming a more whole human being – and he and Heidi have a raw, real relationship conversation about the impact that his journey had on her. Don’t miss this episode!


Our next Get Fit 60-Day Challenge starts May 9 with a week-long pre-party just kicking off and Heidi and I would love to have you join! If you’ve been looking for a community online that invites you to not only come as you are but celebrates you for being exactly who you are and where you’re at in your journey, this is absolutely for you. This community has become my safe, reliable soft landing on the days I struggle as well as accountability cheerleaders when I get on a roll. As much as people come to get into better shape, they stay because of feeling part of something unlike anything they’ve ever experienced.

Everyone has access to daily workout programs with individual tracks that you can jump in and out of: in the gym or at home, programs for men and women, at every fitness level with modifications to meet you where you are. Beyond the physical challenges, the weekly lives also feature experts in nutrition, dance, breathwork, cooking, yoga, and more, all of whom interact and answer questions in the community regularly. This celebration of what our bodies can do is equally supported by creating space for the mental and emotional components of transformation, all in a private Facebook community that loves and supports you as you are, right where you are. For me, in this window of life, this community has become the only place I interact online because of the way it pours positively into me and every other person there, every single time I’m there. Heidi and I would love to see you become part of this amazing family as well.

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