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The Athletic NBA Show

All NBA Guard Selection, Utah Jazz Gem Georges Niang, Sacramento Kings Deep Dive with Jason Jones

Andrew Schlecht is joined by Fred Katz to discuss who the All NBA Guards should be. Is Luka a guard? Who are the locks? Is Chris Paul a lock? Kyrie or James Harden? Booker or Mitchell? Then they have a brief discussion on Georges Niang of the Utah Jazz. 

Andrew and Fred are then joined by Jason Jones of the Athletic to discuss the Sacramento Kings and their wild season. How can the improve from here? Will Buddy and Bagley be part of the team moving forward? and more. 

Then Jason sticks around for a trivia show, Fred vs. the Beat, where Fred tries his luck against the Kings beat writer in …. Kings Trivia! 

Then we spin the wheel of fandom to see who the next team is going to be. Listen in to find out!

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