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The Charlie Kirk Show

Beware the GREATEST Tyranny of All

On the heels of the explosive story of the Biden Regime maneuvering to hand over American sovereignty to the Woke Chinese-controlled W.H.O., Charlie begins by warning every American the threat the public health facade poses to the sanctity of our country’s founding ideals. He details how to identify, fight against, and ultimately defeat the insidious advances that have been made in the name of “healthcare” and “technology” that threaten to erode the basic tenets of individual freedom and privacy. Next, he dives into the latest fear-mongering of the Left: monkeypox. Do you have to worry about it? What exactly is it? Will the Regime try to convince us we need their “help” to seize even more power and control? Charlie leaves listeners with a question that everyone must continue to ask themselves: Do you think you’re becoming freer?

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