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Bon Iver: Broken Record Classic


Today we are re-visiting one of our favorite episodes from 2019 featuring Rick Rubin in conversation with Justin Vernon and his engineer Chris Messina. In 2006 Justin Vernon started Bon Iver as a solo project after the end of a romantic relationship and the break up of his college band.

Justin recorded Bon Iver’s first album, For Emma, Forever Ago, alone over three months in his dad’s hunting cabin deep in the woods of Western Wisconsin. His setup consisted of a small recording rig and a couple guitars. In the years since, Justin Vernon’s music has evolved dramatically. For one, Bon Iver is no longer a solo project—it’s still centered around Justin, but it now includes a bunch of musicians and collaborators including his engineer, Chris Messina.

On today’s episode, Justin talks about how allowing himself to be bored without any guilt, led to him creating his now classic debut. He also talks about how the harshness of the Wisconsin winters along with the absence of any big city thrills first influenced his sound. And, Justin explains his unwavering love for his favorite song of all time “Fugitive,” by The Indigo Girls.

Listen to a playlist of some of our favorite Bon Iver songs HERE.


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