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Brandon Thompson joins Brandon Marshall, Channing Crowder and company on this week’s episode of I Am Nascar. He is the Vice President of Diversity and Inclusion with Nascar. The group discusses how most people haven’t been exposed to Nascar and the joys that it brings to people. Brandon Thompson explains “You can hear it, you can feel it, you can taste it”. Brandon Marshall’s uncle is featured on the show as well and he talks about how he balanced watching Brandon play in the NFL and his Nascar races. He talks about how it’s a lot more than just going in circles. Every little factor is important when it comes to racing, he says.

Brandon Marshall talks about how Rowdy became his driver. They took him and his wife Michi up to the pit box for the very first time and showed both of them an amazing time. Uncle Clinton shifts the subject to confederate flags and explains how he never let those flags affect him or who he was with. He chose to enjoy himself despite the company of the flags. Brandon Thompson interrupts and thanks Uncle Clinton for being able to stick it through all of those years despite his feelings for the flag. Sharwyn Greene who is originally from Brooklyn, NY talks about how he first got into the sport. He has always loved cars, and the fact that he can taste and smell the sport, it changed the person he was. He hands his flowers over to Brandon Thompson and compliments him as being a Vice President for Nascar. Sharwyn brings up “The King” and jokes to Channing because he doesn’t know who that is. Channing tries to play it off to the group as they laugh, but he really doesn’t know.

Brandon Marshall brings up the topic of the Next Generation Vehicle, and everyone is eager to discuss their thoughts on it. Uncle Clinton starts off and explains how he wants to be able to see if the crew can hit all their “lugs” from his 75 inch TV while using his binoculars. The group begins to laugh at the thought of Uncle Clinton wearing binoculars to look at his 75 inch TV. Channing believes the Next Gen will create an even playing field. Sharwyn says his priority with the Next Gen is safety. As long as it can make sure everyone involved is safe and is able to get home, he is all about it. Brandon Thompson explains how people don’t understand how Nascar has actually rocket scientists that work through data and different trials to find the best solution for the Next Gen vehicle. He continues by saying that some teams won’t be able to afford using those scientists as allies for their vehicles.

Sharwyn says his favorite drivers that he would want on the show would be “The King”, the Wood brothers, Dale Earnhardt Jr., and Kyle Busch. Brandon Marshall explains that they’ve already had Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Sharwyn jokes and says “Yeah, but with me!”.


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