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Contending for the Truth About America with Congressman Bob McEwan and Pastor Rob McCoy

Back by popular demand, Charlie sits down for the second time with Congressman Bob McEwan and Charlie’s pastor Rob McCoy after the first episode became one of the most listened to in The Charlie Kirk Show history of shows. On this episode, building off the first, Charlie, Bob, and Rob discuss how America’s creation was actually predicated upon the biblical and theological work done in the 1600s and 1700s by great men of the church, and furthermore, and in fact, some of the most contentions pieces of the country’s history, namely the 3/5th clause and the Fugitive Slave Act actually reveal something deeply moral about America’s original premise. Moving from history to the present, the three discuss the crisis on the southern border, big tech oligarchs, and the way forward with school boards and a restoration of free market principles. This is a can’t miss episode for all those who are hungry to think deeply and contend for the truth of America. 

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