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Cyberpunk 2077 Custom Xbox Revealed - WGG Live 04/20/2020

Today Andrea and Britt take a look at the newly unveiled Cyberpunk 2077 custom Xbox One X console along with custom controller, Travis Scott is touring in Fortnite, Jason Schreier announced he’s joining Bloomberg News, Games Done Quick raised $400K for COVID relief, Death Stranding jackets are selling for $2K, and bots are buying all the Nintendo Switches. In Dear WGG they discuss how small outlets and podcasts can work with video games PR .

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:04 Welcome to the show!
9:18 Cyberpunk 2077 Xbox One console announced
5:15 Travis Scott is touring in Fortnite
21:31 Jason Schreier is joining Bloomberg News
24:36 Games Done Quick raised a lot of money
27:45 Death Stranding jacket for $2000?!
31:53 Bots are probably the reason why you can’t purchase a Nintendo Switch
36:29 Sony patents a robotic gaming companion
44:04 How would you recommend that small outlets (podcasts, blogs, etc) establish a relationship with PR reps without looking like they’re just trying to get free games? – Art


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