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<h2>Fareed Zakaria GPS</h2>

Director: Jeff Watts TD: Mike Mihelich EGO: Dia Hodari TPM: Amber Swanson Audio: Lorenzo Kemp Prompter: Ronald Emile

France recalled its Ambassadors to Washington and Canberra this week following the announcement of the new security partnership between the United States, Australia, and United Kingdom.  Gérard Araud, the former French Ambassador to the U.S., talks to Fareed about the state of Franco-American relations. Then, ahead of the annual gathering of world leaders at the United Nations General Assembly this week, Fareed sits down with Secretary General António Guterres to discuss the need for global cooperation on Covid-19, and what the U.N. can realistically do to help people of Afghanistan. Plus, Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer talks to Fareed about the power and politics of the court.

GUESTS: Gérard Araud, António Guterres, Stephen Breyer  

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