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Eyeing the potential impact of protests in China

Widespread anti-government protests have erupted across China for the first time since 1989 in a rare show of defiance against the ruling Communist Party. Demonstrations spread from Shanghai in the east to Xinjiang in the west, with thousands chanting, “need human rights, need freedom.” Protesters are calling for an end to nearly three years of “zero Covid” restrictions, and even for the removal of Chinese leader Xi Jinping. They were triggered by a deadly apartment fire Thursday in Xinjiang. Videos appear to show that lockdown measures hindered firefighters, keeping them away from the building. The blaze killed at least 10 people. What could all this mean in China and across the world? Former government official Victor Gao joins from Beijing. 

Also on today’s show: Oxford University historian Peter Frankopan, former Russian diplomat Boris Bondarev, author Douglas Brinkley. 


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