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People's Party with Talib Kweli

Jaleel White Discusses The Legacy Of Steve Urkel, The Success of Family Matters, How The Character Shaped The Rest Of His Life, And His New Weed Brand

Jaleel White is not Steve Urkel. That’s obvious. But it’s hard to imagine a time in recent memory when a single character so dominated the career and conversation around a single actor.

In this episode of People’s Party with Talib Kweli, White wrestles with that legacy, explains the conversations and struggles behind the scenes on Family Matters, and talks about how he eventually charted a path forward after sitcom mega-fame — including re-taking ownership of “Urkel” as a brand and launching a weed company called Purple Urkle. 

The episode is, above all things, deeply personal and tremendously insightful. White and Kweli have been friends for years and they’re able to explore topics with a high degree of trust shared between them. It’s a powerful conversation and one that anyone with interest in how Steve Urkel shaped the man behind the snorts and high-waisted pants should certainly tune in for.


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