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Pornhub Podcast with Asa Akira


Join author, poet, and recipient of two penises in her butt (at the same time) Asa Akira as she is joined by both her porno and non-porno friends. They discuss all things pop culture, sex, and feelings.

In honor of Pornhub’s Crypto Currency partnership, I interviewed Verge Currency creator Justin Vendetta! I knew NOTHING about crypto, or bitcoin, or any of it going in, so this episode is a “Crypto Currency for Dummies.” WTF is Crypto Currency? Can anyone mine it? Can I? How is it superior to cash? How do I avoid getting scammed? What’s the craziest thing on the Dark Web? Am iiii on the dark web? WHO IS THE MOST POPULAR PORNSTAR ON THE DARK WEB??? Also, I even came up with a genius business plan that if anyone wants to steal, you can either give me a cut of the proceeds or name the business after me, either one is fine.


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