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On Today’s show we are talking Cyber Security once again. This is such extremely important topic…it impacts everyone.  Not only the business community whether you are a small, medium, enterprise but also all of us as individuals.  Today in our starting lineup today we lucky to have Senior executive at TPX Jonathan Goldberger.   He is going to break down the X’s and O’s of cyber security.  Jonathan is an accomplished Senior Executive at TPX with more than 25 years of experience spanning security and technology roles.   He has a diverse cyber security background leading security solutions at TPX, Cisco, Source Fire and Cyber Trust.  He has worked as a sales engineer at Venafi and was a General Manager of Security Solutions at Unisys.  His expertise extends across managed services and professional services for enterprise to the small business.   As an entrepreneur himself, Jonathan is keenly aware of the challenges of the small business and the need for security solutions that protect against the most relevant risks.# TraverseTechnologies, #The6thManPodcast,#M&MMultimedia


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