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Moonshine For Beginners ft. Russell of MoonshineStillPro


Moonshine for beginners is this week’s Backyard Bounty podcast topic as we join Nicole as she talks with Russell of MoonshineStillPro.

What You’ll Learn

What other uses there are for a still

  • Federal and state laws to think about
  • Safety measures to consider
  • How to add flavor
  • Beginner mistakes, questions, and starting points

Our Guest

Russell is a Certified Bourbon Steward who became fascinated with fermentation and the art of distillation. As part of his journey to learn about distillation, he met with a local long-time Moonshiner. He taught him how to build his own still and make moonshine from common grocery store ingredients. He turned the skills and knowledge he gained into MoonshineStillPro to pass on his experience to other hobbyists interested in distillation.

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