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SCOTUS Deals a Blow to American Sovereignty — Live Reaction with Texas AG Ken Paxton

On the final day of what has, thus far, been a solidly conservative and successful term for the Supreme Court, Charlie spends an entire episode reacting to this court’s last two rulings—one a major win, the other a dangerous loss—both released just this morning. First, Newsweek Opinion Editor Josh Hammer, a constitutional attorney joins to give his initial reading of the court’s ruling in Biden v. Texas which saw the demise of one of President Trump’s signature immigration victories during his term, MPP, also known as the Remain in Mexico Policy. Next, the top lawyer from the state that brought this suit all the to way up to the Supreme Court to protect our sovereignty and our borders, Attorney General Ken Paxton from Texas, gives his first on-air reaction to the court’s 5-4 ruling against him. Finally, to end the show on a positive note—Charlie gives a positive update on the court’s ruling in the case of West Virginia v. EPA which will greatly diminish the power and influence of the career Washington DC Bureaucracy, the shadowy Fourth Branch of our government—one which, unlike the court, is truly illegitimate. 

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