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On Today’s show we are talking SD-WAN Software defined Wide Area Network. With everything we do being connected to the Internet and with more and more companies moving to the cloud the main component that pulls this off is the underlying WAN/Internet infrastructure…getting all those bits and bytes to the right places as efficiently as possible.  In Today’s starting lineup is Masergy’s Director of Solutions Engineering Mike Long.  Mike has long career in technology  starting in the Army with the implementation of laser guided military uses, to using computer aided design systems to build stealth submarines, to building high availability electrical grid systems.  Then building the State of Florida first IP Backbone for the K thru 12, Community Colleges and University System basically invented the Internet.  Then off to build to make the Internet usable for the business community.  So, for almost 40 years in some form of fashion, Michael has been using technology to advance business, education and the military. Joining Mike is Global Account Executive for Masergy Jason Beavers.  Jason is an industry expert starting his career with Verizon Wireless in 1998 moving on to Worldcom helping multinational enterprises design and implement WAN networks and now with Masergy designing SDWAN networks. # TraverseTechnologies, #The6thManPodcast,#M&MMultimedia



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