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The Best Of Mark Levin - 5/14/22

‘Big Baby Formula’ has joined forces with ‘Big Oil’ to gauge prices on what little formula is available due to the supply chain shortages. The left’s only suggestion is to labor more babies, so we’ll need less formula. The options for meat and electricity are also limited, so the Biden Administration has announced a new agency to oversee ‘Environmental Justice’ that, in effect, these enviro-Marxists will make America poor and destroy our economic system while blaming climate change in the process. Now we have President Biden who has desperately tried to be the second coming of FDR and is destroying our economy in his stupor, zeal, failing mental health, and bad choices. Biden now agrees with his ‘Ultra MAGA’ critics saying that the number one threat to our economy is inflation. Biden’s reckless spending and the subsequent printing of more money, along with his anti-fossil fuel energy policies, triggered inflation, to begin with. Not COVID, Not Putin. Inflation is out of control at a 40-year high and despite the manipulated calculations, when the GDP comes in, we’ll likely will see that the U.S is in a recession. At a local diner, waitresses can’t afford to fill their tanks anymore and the Diner owners can’t stock all of the goods and ingredients. Meanwhile, all President Biden does is blame Russia and manufacturers like the baby formula companies. the federal government has a duty to protect federal judges. Congress passed a federal law (18 USC 1507) against harassing court officers, influencing court decisions, and or preventing any federal judge from their duties and it is punishable by up to a year in prison. Why isn’t anyone getting arrested for intimidating US Supreme Court Justices right outside of their private homes? Would AG Merrick Garland want the Attorney General to protect him if he would’ve become a SCOTUS Justice? 

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