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The Best Of Mark Levin - 5/21/22

What happened in Buffalo, NY was horrible and this 18-year-old killer should face the death penalty but he can’t because it’s NY. As the nation becomes more diverse because of immigration and other reasons it’s even more of a need to keep the nation together. The racist shooter chose that supermarket because it had a high number of African Americans and knew they’d be defenseless because it was New York State, and they have stringent gun laws. Replacement theory as it’s been referred to by the media is the notion that non-whites are replacing whites is also a Lat-crit policy promoted by the left. Yet they blame Donald Trump for promoting racism and hate. Pelosi’s select committee on January 6th is obtaining information that the Department of Justice could not normally obtain, so they are asking Congress to produce transcripts to use for their criminal investigation. This clever work-around violates the liberties of individuals and gives the DOJ an unfair advantage and a reach they wouldn’t otherwise have. One’s sworn testimony under oath for a legislative proceeding does not meet the same standard the government would have to compel testimony in front of a grand jury for a criminal proceeding. The Marxists’ plan to incrementally increase the presence of socialism in American economic policy is right on track. They have drained our strategic oil reserves to create the problems that they wish to solve. Democrats have not made any policies that strengthen our economy, not a single one. 

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