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The Fatigue Fix: Your Hormones, Gut and Immune System – Dr. Amy Shah with Dave Asprey : 818

In this episode of Bulletproof Radio, I’m talking with Amy Shah, M.D., a double board-certified medical doctor specializing in allergy and immunology, hormones and gut health. After a car accident and personal energy crisis she searched for a complete mental, hormonal, and inflammatory reset. 

And while she uses an integrative and holistic approach to wellness in her medical practice, what she learned about energy and fatigue connected a lot of dots.

Regulating the “energy trifecta­,” made up of balanced hormones, a well-functioning gut, and a healthy immune system, makes all the difference. (She’s also an expert in circadian rhythm fasting.) 

“These three areas communicate, and they talk to the brain constantly,” says Dr. Amy. “And if any of those are broken, then you’re going to be tired. And so things like short fasting, circadian fasting, sinking with nature and circadian rhythms, which is our internal clock and eating the right foods really can make a difference. And of course, there’s this whole component of mind, body health, which we sorely miss in Western culture.”

What you eat, when you eat and mind-body health rule your energy patterns and likely could be the root cause of your fatigue.

“For far too long, all of our concerns about why we’re so tired just get brushed off,” Dr. Amy says. “If you don’t show up as visibly sick and failing on a lab test, you’re basically pushed aside and said, “Okay, it must be, you are getting older, you have a busy life.” For women, it’s like, you’re a mom, you’re trying to do too many things. And nobody really gives us any direction, we’re left to our own defenses.”

We’re going to talk about how she lays out solutions in her new book, “I’M SO EFFING TIRED: A Proven Plan to Beat Burnout, Boost Your Energy, and Reclaim Your Life.”

Enjoy! And get more resources at Dave.Asprey/podcasts.

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