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Episode 9 is a special edition conversation with four very special guests recorded at Mammoth Film Festival. Joining us at the round table are two incredible actresses Lesley-Ann Brandt (Lucifer, Gotham) and Anne Heche (Hung, Hour of Lead), documentary director/producer Tara Wood (QT8: The First Eight), and producer/director Steven Garcia (Chasing the Cure, Josie). We open with expressing the desire to move past the conversation of equality between men and women and towards pinpointing where our voices are making the most impact now. We take a closer look at our relationship to ego as it relates to being in the film industry, how to most successfully be an advocate for women, and how to best take responsibility for ourselves amidst ‘the Harvey (Weinstein) of it all’ and in light of his recent indictment. The discussion touches on the differing ways in which we battle with feeling less than, the power that is derived from sitting in uncomfortable situations, and the reverberations we continue to feel as a result of this heavy swinging of the pendulum — one which will hopefully bring forth a more enlightened state of collective consciousness.


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