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The Hidden Upside for Stock Investors

“This is a once in a blue moon butt-kicking.” And we’ve got the numbers to back it up! (0:30) Jason Moser and Maria Gallagher discuss: – Historic numbers to put the current market into perspective – Disney’s better-than-you-might-think results – Rough times for coffee chain Dutch Bros – Unity Software’s drive for profitability – Signs of life from Affirm Holdings – The latest from Roblox, The Trade Desk, and Peloton (19:00) Bill Mann talks with Okta co-founder Frederic Kerrest about lessons from his new book, Zero to IPO: Over $1 Trillion of Actionable Advice from the World’s Most Successful Entrepreneurs. (34:15) Maria analyzes Airbnb’s platform enhancements, then she and Jason share two stocks on their radar: Airbnb and Home Depot. Stocks discussed: DIS, BROS, U, AFRM, RBLX, TTD, PTON, OKTA, HD, ABNB Host: Chris Hill Guests: Maria Gallagher, Jason Moser, Bill Mann, Frederic Kerrest Engineers: Dan Boyd, Rick Engdahl


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