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The Sex Pistols (Pt. 2): Crashing the Queen’s Jubilee, Shocking America, and Leaving a Trail of Blood, Spit, and Junk


In 1977, the world’s most controversial band didn’t stop when they were dropped by their major label only months after they were signed. John Lydon, Steve Jones, and the Sex Pistols continued their feud with the corporate music world, the English monarchy, and a horrified public. It was a struggle made all the more difficult by the introduction of the group’s most volatile member, a junkie who was barely clean–or competent enough–to find his way around four strings. The band’s grand plan to conquer America royally backfired and ultimately led to an explosive and bloody downfall. To paraphrase Neil Young, “this is the story of a Johnny Rotten,” but it’s also a story about how great music can shock, scandalize, and galvanize the world. 

This episode contains themes that may be disturbing to some listeners and includes descriptions of self-harm.

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