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Toby Anderson


16-year-old Toby Anderson had found himself in some trouble during his teen years. Toby’s life wasn’t easy, and he began to act out. Toby was sent to a juvenile facility in Northern California and was shifted around between different family members. Then, he just disappeared, and everyone seemed to believe Toby had run away. Since Toby had been in trouble, running away didn’t seem far-fetched. Toby’s father searched for him and contacted relatives in other states to see if he had turned up there, but he never did. Then, Toby’s dad died, and not much was done to look for him. Decades later, a cousin took an interest in finding Toby. She learned that some of what she had been told about Toby couldn’t be true, and what she began to uncover was truly horrifying.

If you have any information regarding the disappearance of Toby Anderson, please contact the Oregon State Police at (541) 776-6236.

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