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Duck Call Room

Uncle Si Has a Secret to Smelling So Good

Si’s idea of a bubble bath is disturbingly hilarious. John-David gives a report from his first day in Jay Stone’s House of Pain. Si says “we” have been getting ready for deer season, but that “we” is highly questionable. Martin describes the worst thing he ever smelled, but it’s not a what — it’s a who. Si shares the secret weapon that has all the ladies telling him how great he smells. The boys talk about the things you don’t want to find in your duck blind and Phil’s duck hunting strategy. Stone and Martin remember the greatest duck whacking of all time and reveal who killed the most banded ducks. And the boys encourage a listener on his incredible weight loss. — These rings & belts are the best! Get 15% off your order with code DUCKLOVESGROOVE — Get 10% OFF & FREE shipping of your customized legal documents! — These are amazing! Get 20% off your first order right now!

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