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Duck Call Room

Uncle Si's Fiery Redhead Is a Mean One

Si’s appetite is back, Jack, and nothing’s gonna come between him and two of the finest pieces of meat known to man. His 50th wedding anniversary is coming up this year, and he’s got stories about his fiery redhead and her mean streak. Godwin and Martin admit there are a few questions they’re itching to ask the Almighty. John-David is considering a haircut. Si gets an awesome gift from a fan and reveals his favorite “Duck Dynasty” episode. And the guys share stories about getting lost in the woods, Si’s grand return to the duck hole, who the best shot is, fishing superstitions, crappie fishing, and Si’s questionable duck blind math. — These are amazing! Get 15% OFF your first Tommy John order — Get 30 FREE days of protection with code RADIO — Raise your credit score today! — Buy one bottle and get the second bottle free  

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