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Voice On The Phone | True Ghost Stories

Who or what left a strange and disturbing voicemail packed with heavy breathing? 

Here is a preview of the story. 
“Everything is original, so there are creeks and stuff from the age of the house.  As far as I am aware, no one had died here, but there is a lot of antiques stored here by the landlord.  In my room, I always felt like someone was staring at me from a certain corner of the room.  One morning about three weeks after moving in, I went to work, and my boss comes up to me and says, “do you realize you called me at 1:30 this morning?” Now my phone sits on the charger away from my bed, so I must get up to turn off my alarm.  I mentioned this to my boss, and she showed me her phone.  Right there on her missed calls list was my name and phone #.  There was no record on my phone of any of it.  She then told me that there was a voicemail left of faint breathing.  When I got home that day, I got to my door and started burning sage and speaking out loud sternly with my rules.  Sage made it angry, so I had to use palo santo and mire.  “

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