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What to do about Russian-backed 'referendums' in Ukraine

“A sham.” That is what Ukrainian and western officials are calling the so-called referendums underway in four occupied regions of Ukraine on whether to become part of Russia. There are reports of coercion and threats, and ballots are being delivered to people’s houses. The votes are expected to pave the way for annexation of large chunks of territory. Crucially, this would allow President Putin to claim that the western alliance is in direct confrontation with his country. It all comes as Russians are fleeing the country by land and by air in droves – after the Kremlin ordered hundreds of thousands of reservists to join the fight. Australia’s foreign minister says her government is considering expelling the Russian ambassador over Putin’s nuclear threats. Australian Foreign Minister Penny Wong also says she encouraged her Chinese counterpart to help end the conflict in Ukraine when she met with him at the United Nations on Thursday. She joins Christiane outside the UN to discuss. 

Also on today’s show: Ukrainian Ambassador to the UK Vadym Prystaiko; author/humorist Andy Borowitz; Amir Nizar Zuabi, Artistic Director of The Walk. 


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