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Why You Will Get Audited by the IRS Soon

In this important episode of The Charlie Kirk Show, Charlie pulls the fire alarm on a provision from the Democrats’ latest Legislative Disaster that doubles the size of the IRS, funds the agency’s new paramilitary arm, and increases the likelihood of an audit for regular Americans by a substantial margin. Before diving in to what we can expect once the bill passes, he walks through the history of the government agency tasked with collecting taxes and how they operate freely from accountability and consequence for people like Lois Lerner, the former director. Next he dives in to the facts of their newly granted powers and what it means for everyday Americans—namely those in the middle class—and how they will almost certainly be coming after conservatives, yet again, out of political animus. This is the new dystopian future we’re soon to be subject to, and Charlie concludes the episode with an action plan on how we may be able to save ourselves from it; before it’s too late.

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