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If you’ve ever wanted to know about champagne, satanism, the Stonewall Uprising, chaos theory, LSD, El Nino, true crime and Rosa Parks, then look no further. Josh and Chuck have you covered.

Latest Episodes:

  • Kombucha: Fizzy Goodness
    Kombucha is pretty popular right now. But what is it exactly and where did it come from? The answers await you!See for privacy information.... Read more
    Published on: 2023-09-21
  • Short Stuff: Origin of Math Signs
    Have you ever stopped mid-pencil mark and realized to your astonishment where the plus sign came from? Then this one’s for you.See for privacy... Read more
    Published on: 2023-09-20
  • 10ish Worst Business Decisions Ever
    It’s easy (and kind of fun) to laugh at the misfortune of CEOs and other high up business types when they bring it on themselves... Read more
    Published on: 2023-09-19
  • Selects: How Floods Work
    Floods happen when more water is introduced to an area than can be quickly removed. That's about it, but there's more to floods, what causes... Read more
    Published on: 2023-09-16
  • The Hyatt Regency Skywalk Disaster
    In 1981 America suffered the worst accidental structural collapse in its history. Listen in today to the tragic story of the fast-tracked building disaster that... Read more
    Published on: 2023-09-14
  • Short Stuff: Why Spilling Salt is Unlucky
    Face it, when you spill salt your life goes totally off the rails, maybe even forever. Fortunately, we humans stumbled upon the one reliable way... Read more
    Published on: 2023-09-13
  • Axolotls: The Smiling Salamander from Mexico
    It’s a listener request! Axolotls are one of the more amazing animals roaming the planet right now – they can regenerate parts of their brains,... Read more
    Published on: 2023-09-12
  • Selects: How Space Stations Work
    It seems like we largely take it for granted these days, but the fact that we have humans living in space is the realization of... Read more
    Published on: 2023-09-09

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