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This critically acclaimed podcast from Oscar-nominated hosts Matt Watson and Ryan Magee, pushes the limits of humanity and searches for what it means to be alive. Nah, it’s two friends who have a YouTube channel talking about whatever they feel like.

Latest Episodes:

  • EP 296 - Losers
    We got our asses kicked. Head to to get your free life insurance quotes and see how much you could save. Get Honey for FREE at... Read more
    Published on: 2022-05-11
  • EP 295 - Big Skulls and Big Muscles (ft. Meowriza)
    We talk about Meowriza’s skull, boxing, and I’m sure some other stuff. This podcast is sponsored by BetterHelp and Supermegacast listeners get 10% off their... Read more
    Published on: 2022-05-04
  • EP 294 - Imaginary Friends (ft.Don)
    Don fondled himself in a Chinese elevator, Ryan got cut in half, and we all share some Discord giggles. To get 25% off your first Membership... Read more
    Published on: 2022-04-27
  • EP 293 - Gleeking (ft. Aksel)
    Just some bros talking about Minecraft, spit, and Markiplier. Get 15% off an annual membership! Go to now. That’s to get your free... Read more
    Published on: 2022-04-20
  • EP 292 - High School Sweethearts
    We talk about high school sweethearts, the Vietnam War again for some reason, and are treated to a special musical performance. Head to to get your... Read more
    Published on: 2022-04-13
  • EP 291 - Matt Watson VS Nathan Barnatt
    Our pal Nathan Barnatt comes onto our podcast to talk.  Get started with Curology just like I did with a free 30-day trial at Read more
    Published on: 2022-04-06
  • EP 290 - William Smith
    We talk about nukes, our upcoming boxing event, and of course, Big Willy. To score 15% off your Blenders purchase, visit and enter promo... Read more
    Published on: 2022-03-30
  • EP 289 - Miles Davis and Aliens
    The podcast episode you’ve all been waiting for! The one where we talk about Miles Davis AND Aliens! Join Honey for Free at Head... Read more
    Published on: 2022-03-23

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