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At talks in the White House, the US president told his Ukrainian counterpart that he has approved $325m worth of security assistance for Kyiv. Also: Rupert Murdoch’s eldest son Lachlan to head Fox and News Corp, and what has been threatening the orange juice industry in some parts of the world?


Catastrophic flooding in Libya last week left an estimated 10,000 people dead or missing. Today, we report from the ground and explain how warming oceans and a hotter planet contributed to the scale of the disaster.Read more:At the end of what has already been a summer of extremes, floods have spanned the globe with remarkable intensity in recent weeks. Countries from Spain to Brazil to Japan have been inundated. Libya was hit the hardest last week, with catastrophic flooding in coastal cities such as Derna and Sousa that left an estimated 10,000 people dead or missing. And while the causes for these catastrophes vary, they all have one thing in common: climate change. Today, foreign correspondent Louisa Loveluck reports from Libya, bringing us the extraordinary story of one family that narrowly survived the floods. Then, global weather reporter Scott Dance explains how the world’s oceans, warmed by record-breaking heat, are making storms more intense and more dangerous. 


House Republicans can’t agree on a stopgap government spending bill, NPR’s Steve Inskeep speaks with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and lawsuits say Baton Rouge police beat detainees.Want more comprehensive analysis of the most important news of the day, plus a little fun? Subscribe to the Up First newsletter.Today’s episode of Up First was edited by Krishnadev Calamur, Susanna Capelouto, Ally Schweitzer and Olivia Hampton. It was produced by Shelby Hawkins, Ziad Buchh and Julie Depenbrock. We get engineering support from Hannah Gluvna. And our technical director is Zac Coleman.


Attorney General Merrick Garland defends the Justice Department during a combative congressional hearing. Ron DeSantis takes former President Donald Trump to task over abortion policy. And from California to Texas, officials in border towns say migrant crossings are rapidly escalating.

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Jesse's Twitter Post: I’ve honestly been terrified to have this conversation for almost a decade now. I’m so proud of how eloquently I have laid out all the problems & the way forward without being unkind to either party. I want #Peace for the fandom, listen&share! #comicsgate — Coolest Geek Alive Podcast, Jesse Blaze [...]
Music Saved Me Music The Music Saved Me Podcast tackles how music, from either side of the speaker, can be a healing device for the mental health crisis going on globally. Thankfully, the idea of talking about mental health is no longer a stigma or an embarrassing topic. Latest Episodes: Music Saved Me | Jelly [...]

Macy Gray needs no introduction. With a soulful and distinct voice that transcends genres, she has left an indelible mark on the music industry. Born Natalie McIntyre on September 6, 1967, in Canton, Ohio, Macy Gray rose to fame in the late ’90s with her breakout hit single “I Try.” Since then, she has continued to impress audiences worldwide with her soulful, emotive performances and thought-provoking lyrics.
Throughout her illustrious career, Macy Gray has been celebrated with numerous accolades. Her debut album, “On How Life Is,” earned her a Grammy Award for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance in 2001, and the album itself was nominated for Best Pop Vocal Album. Macy’s impact has extended beyond the Grammys, as she has garnered further recognition, including MTV Video Music Awards, NAACP Image Awards, and BRIT Award nominations.
In this episode, Macy Gray shares insights into her artistic journey, the experiences that have shaped her music, and her latest project, “The Reset with The California Jet Club.” As a seasoned artist with a penchant for innovation, Macy has joined forces with The California Jet Club to create an album that promises to push musical boundaries and captivate listeners once again.
“The Reset with The California Jet Club” takes listeners on a sonic voyage, blending Macy Gray’s soulful vocals with The California Jet Club’s cutting-edge production. It is a bold exploration of sound, showcasing her artistic growth and experimental spirit. With tracks that seamlessly blend elements of soul, funk, and electronic music, this album is a testament to Macy Gray’s versatility and fearless approach to music-making.
Join Gentry Thomas as he delves into the world of Macy Gray, exploring her creative process, the stories behind the songs, and the inspiration behind her latest album.

The Credit Show Education Harry Jacobs from Credit Restoration of Nevada provides you with weekly solutions to common credit related issues. If you want to contact Harry, just TEXT or CALL 702-778-2000. Latest Episodes: The real cost of money on a mortgage A different way to look at what the actual cost of your mortgage [...]

Gentry Thomas sits down with the legendary comedian and radio personality, Jackie the Joke Man.

Television legend Ed Asner has won seven Emmy Awards for performing which is more than any other male actor. He is primarily known for his role as Lou Grant on both The Mary Tyler Moore Show and its spinoff series Lou Grant. Asner has had an extensive voice-acting career and starred as the voice of Carl Fredericksen in Pixar’s award-winning animated film Up (2009).

On this podcast the 91-year-old Ed Asner tells us stories about where it started and opens up to our Gentry Thomas about being a Son of a Junkman and the journey of the Junkyard to bright lights of Hollywood! 

You can tell that Ed is no fan of Donald Trump. He calls President Trump a liar and says that better years are ahead of us with President elect Joe Biden. 

Ed has had a chance to work with some of the biggest stars of all time. During this episode of Backstage Pass the Emmy Award winner talks about being on screen with Elvis and what made Mary Tyler Moore so special. 

Recently Ed Asner went on Kelly Clarkson’s new daytime TV show and commented on how she smelled.

Other television appearances with Ed Asner include The Bronx Zoo, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, Hawaii Five-O (1975), Hawaii Five-O (2012 remake), The Middle, The Trials of Rosie O’Neill, Hearts Afire, The Untouchables, Curb Your Enthusiasm, CSI: NY, Betty White’s Off Their Rockers, Working Class, Michael, Tuesdays and Thursdays, The Glades, just to name a few and many made-for-television movies. 

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Gentry sits down for an exclusive interview with the wildly popular comedic trio known as the 85 South Show, featuring DC Young Fly, Chico Bean, and Karlous Miller.
The 85 South Show is an electrifying podcast that has gained a massive following for its uproarious humor, authentic banter, and unfiltered discussions. Led by three incredibly talented hosts, DC Young Fly, Chico Bean, and Karlous Miller, the 85 South Show has become a cultural phenomenon, captivating audiences with their unique blend of comedy and entertainment.
DC Young Fly, born John Whitfield, is a multi-talented comedian, rapper, and actor known for his infectious energy and captivating stage presence. Rising to fame through his viral comedic videos on social media, DC Young Fly has since taken the entertainment world by storm, performing stand-up comedy, hosting various shows, and starring in movies and TV series.
Chico Bean, also known as Anthony Bean, is a gifted comedian, actor, and writer. His quick wit, sharp humor, and undeniable charm have made him a fan favorite in the comedy scene. With his distinctive style and impeccable comedic timing, Chico Bean has gained recognition through his appearances on popular television shows, comedy tours, and improv competitions.
Karlous Miller, a comedic powerhouse, brings his unique perspective and larger-than-life personality to the 85 South Show. Known for his outrageous stories, impeccable improvisation skills, and ability to engage audiences with his infectious laughter, Karlous Miller has become a household name in comedy. He has graced the stage of renowned comedy clubs, appeared on various TV shows, and amassed a dedicated fan base through his captivating performances.
In this episode of “Backstage Pass,” Gentry Thomas engages in a candid conversation with the 85 South Show, delving into the lives and careers of DC Young Fly, Chico Bean, and Karlous Miller. The interview provides a fascinating insight into their inspirations, challenges, and the secret ingredients that have contributed to their immense success.
During the discussion, DC Young Fly shares the recent tragic loss of his beloved wife. All this and more on today’s episode of Backstage Pass with Gentry Thomas.


In this episode, Gentry Thomas sits down with the incredibly talented and charismatic actress, Vivica A. Fox. With her radiant smile and undeniable star power, Vivica has captivated audiences with her exceptional performances and magnetic presence.
Prepare to be mesmerized as Vivica takes us through her illustrious career, spanning over several decades in film and television. From her breakout role in the iconic film ‘Independence Day’ to her unforgettable performances in ‘Set It Off,’ ‘Kill Bill,’ and many more, Vivica’s filmography is a testament to her versatility as an actress.
Beyond her acting prowess, Vivica A. Fox has become a trailblazer for African-American actresses, consistently breaking barriers and challenging stereotypes in the industry. Her remarkable talent, combined with her striking beauty, confidence, and charisma, has established her as a force to be reckoned with in Hollywood.
In this intimate conversation, Gentry delves deep into Vivica’s life, discussing her passions, challenges, and triumphs. With her infectious energy and down-to-earth demeanor, Vivica shares captivating stories and behind-the-scenes anecdotes, providing listeners with an inside look into the entertainment industry.
Tune in to ‘Backstage Pass with Gentry Thomas’ for an insightful and entertaining encounter with one of Hollywood’s brightest stars, Vivica A. Fox. 

Bridgette B. Since we figured out you cannot say, write, breathe, smell a certain three letter word that starts with S and ends in X ( I’m not kidding)…we took matters into our own hands, literally! With a new name for the show the journey continues.


In this episode of Backstage Pass Gentry engages in a captivating conversation with the multi-talented and beloved TV personality, Wayne Brady. As the interview unfolds, viewers are treated to a delightful exploration of Wayne Brady’s illustrious career and his esteemed position among the best game show hosts of all time.
Wayne Brady, born on June 2, 1972, in Columbus, Georgia, is a versatile entertainer known for his remarkable abilities in comedy, acting, singing, and improvisation. Rising to prominence in the late 1990s, Brady gained national recognition as a cast member of the improvisational comedy show “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” His quick wit, infectious charm, and incredible knack for improv made him an instant fan favorite and showcased his extraordinary talent.
However, it was as a game show host that Wayne Brady truly cemented his place in television history. In 2001, he assumed the role of the host for the legendary show “Let’s Make a Deal,” which originally aired in the 1960s. With his magnetic presence, infectious energy, and remarkable ability to engage with contestants and viewers alike, Brady revitalized the show and brought it into the 21st century, earning him critical acclaim and numerous accolades.
Wayne Brady’s hosting prowess extended beyond “Let’s Make a Deal.” He also helmed the revival of “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” and showcased his versatility as the host of the popular game show “Don’t Forget the Lyrics!” Additionally, Brady took on the challenge of hosting the iconic “The Price Is Right” during the show’s special celebrity week, further solidifying his status as one of the best game show hosts of all time.
Brady’s unique blend of charisma, improvisational skills, and genuine rapport with contestants and audiences has earned him accolades and respect within the entertainment industry. His seamless ability to connect with people, coupled with his infectious personality, has made him a household name and a sought-after host in the game show realm.
In his interview with Gentry Thomas, Wayne Brady opens up about his journey in the entertainment industry, shares insights into his hosting approach, and discusses the challenges and triumphs he has encountered along the way. With his magnetic presence and captivating storytelling, Brady leaves viewers inspired and entertained, offering a glimpse into the world of one of the greatest game show hosts of all time.


Gentry sits down with two legendary artists who broke barriers and shaped the face of contemporary R&B: Tionne “T-Boz” Watkins and Rozonda “Chilli” Thomas, members of the multi-platinum-selling group, TLC.
Join us as Gentry dives deep into the incredible journey of TLC, exploring their rise to stardom, their tumultuous personal experiences, and the everlasting impact they made on the music industry. With a career spanning over two decades, TLC became one of the most influential girl groups of all time, known for their groundbreaking hits, empowering anthems, and unique style.
During this exclusive interview, T-Boz and Chilli discuss their highly anticipated documentary, which unveils the untold stories behind the group’s success, as well as the challenges they faced along the way. Gain firsthand insights into the making of the documentary, including behind-the-scenes moments and revelations that will leave you in awe.
But it doesn’t stop there. Gentry skillfully navigates through their individual journeys, exploring the highs and lows of their music careers beyond TLC’s triumphs. From their solo projects to their contributions as songwriters and advocates for various causes, discover the full extent of their musical endeavors and the impact they continue to have today.
Prepare to be inspired as T-Boz and Chilli open up about their unwavering passion for their craft, their creative process, and the lessons they’ve learned throughout their remarkable careers. Their raw and honest conversations will not only resonate with die-hard TLC fans but also captivate new listeners who seek to understand the essence of timeless artistry.
Whether you’ve been singing their hits since day one or are just discovering their musical genius, this podcast episode promises to be an immersive experience that celebrates the legacy of TLC and the enduring power of their music.
Tune in to “Backstage Pass with Gentry Thomas” and be ready to be transported behind the scenes of the iconic TLC documentary and the extraordinary careers of T-Boz and Chilli. Get ready to witness the triumphs, tribulations, and musical brilliance that defined a generation.

A relaxed free flowing conversation; that feels like listening to friends over a camp fire.


Gentry Thomas takes us backstage as he sits down with Emilio Estevez, the renowned actor, writer, and director. In this heartfelt conversation, we delve into various aspects of his illustrious career, touching upon his latest film, cherished memories, and personal insights.
Emilio Estevez graciously shares his thoughts on his latest project, “The Way,” a poignant and introspective movie that explores themes of self-discovery and personal transformation. With great enthusiasm, he offers intriguing behind-the-scenes anecdotes, providing listeners with a unique perspective on the film and its creation.
Moreover, Estevez seizes the opportunity to give us an update on his brother, Charlie Sheen, offering heartfelt reflections on family and the importance of support. As Mother’s Day approaches, he warmly discusses his mother, Janet Sheen, sharing cherished moments and celebrating her role in shaping his life and career.
The conversation takes an exciting turn as we delve into some of Emilio Estevez’s most iconic movies. From the timeless coming-of-age classic “The Breakfast Club” to the unforgettable dramas “The Outsiders” and “Young Guns,” Estevez offers an intimate glimpse into the behind-the-scenes dynamics, memorable experiences, and lasting impact of these influential films. And who could forget the beloved sports franchise “Mighty Ducks”? Estevez shares his fond memories and the enduring connection fans have with these beloved characters.
Listeners will be captivated by Emilio Estevez’s engaging storytelling and genuine passion for his craft. This interview presents a rare opportunity to gain insight into the creative process, the depth of emotions portrayed on screen, and the profound impact of cinema on both artists and audiences alike.
Tune in to this exceptional episode as we embark on a nostalgic journey with Emilio Estevez, celebrating his diverse body of work, the power of storytelling, and the enduring legacy of cinematic masterpieces.

Big Shot Bob Podcast • 7x NBA Champion Robert Horry @roberthorry7x • weekly podcast •

Go backstage with Gentry Thomas as he interviews interesting people from celebrity musicians, athletes, even movie stars.

The latest in AI, Machine Learning, Technology, Computing, Robotics and more.

Deron Harris, a stand-up comedian, and actor has launched a podcast to chronicle his life and new marriage. Dope Shit of the Week Award, Ear Buds, Strain of the week, and What’s Poppin’ with Deron Harris.

It’s BJ and Bill The Podcast. This is the podcast about nothing. Just two guys talking about the good ole days, life and what’s it’s like getting older.

A White guy, a Black guy, and a Brown guy walk in to do a podcast…(insert punchline here). The Outcast Podcast,

Dem Vinyl Boyz love the joy of sliding a classic album out of its cover; the crackle of a needle just dropped into a groove; the careful way to pick up and flip a record when a side ends.

Interviews with Hollywood’s elite, Athlete’s calling in and a possible supermodel surprise visit.


In this episode, we sit down with American actor Jim Belushi to discuss his latest show, “Growing Belushi.” Jim takes us behind the scenes of his new reality series, which follows his adventures as he runs a cannabis farm in Oregon. He shares his passion for the plant and its healing properties, as well as the challenges and rewards of being a cannabis farmer.
But that’s not all! Jim also reflects on his acting career, which spans over three decades and includes iconic roles in movies such as “The Blues Brothers,” “About Last Night,” and “K-9.” He shares insights on the craft of acting, the challenges of Hollywood, and the importance of staying true to yourself. He even shares some not-so-great memories of working with actor Tom Hanks, whom Jim considers a bit of a douche.
Of course, no conversation with Jim would be complete without mentioning his late brother, John Belushi. Jim shares fond memories of his brother and the impact he had on his life and career. He also opens up about the difficult times following John’s untimely death and how he found healing through music and comedy. Jim even suggests that his late brother could have possibly been saved if marijuana had been legal at the time of his death.
Whether you’re a fan of Jim’s acting, his passion for cannabis, or just looking for insights on life and creativity, this episode has something for everyone. So sit back, relax, and join us for a fascinating conversation with one of America’s most beloved actors.

Every week Delightfully Different will talk with someone who lives life differently, exploring unconventional hobbies, careers, and lifestyles.

National and Global Solar market including The Latest Technologies, Tax incentives, ROI, Financing, EV Integration, and Charging.


Gentry sat down with Jay Glazer, a well-known sports reporter and television personality, to discuss his new book, “Unbreakable: How I Turned My Depression and Anxiety Into Motivation and You Can Too”.
Jay opens up about his personal struggles with mental health and how he has used his experiences to help others. He shares insights from his book and explains how he turned his own challenges into a source of motivation and inspiration.
Jay’s new book, “Unbreakable”, is a candid and inspiring memoir that takes readers on a journey through his personal struggles with depression and anxiety. Through his own experiences and the stories of others, Jay offers practical advice and tools for anyone struggling with mental health issues.
Jay and Gentry discuss how the sports and entertainment industries can be particularly challenging environments for mental health, with high-pressure careers and constant scrutiny from the media and fans. However, by sharing his own story and advocating for mental health awareness, Jay is working to change the conversation and help others who may be struggling.
Throughout the episode, Gentry and Jay’s conversation is both enlightening and engaging, as they discuss a wide range of topics related to mental health, sports, and entertainment. Their easy rapport and shared passion for helping others make for a compelling listen that is sure to resonate with audiences of all backgrounds.
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Buzz takes listeners on a journey through music history, exploring the inside stories from guests, while sharing stories and insights about musicians, bands, and the music they create.


Lisa Whelchel has been acting since she was just 12 years old, paving the way for young women around the world. Gentry and Lisa discuss ‘The Facts of Life’, Dairy Queen commercials, Disney, ‘Collectors Call’ and so much more.

Dive into the minds of three stand-up comics with over 100 years of combined experience in front of audiences. Experience their unique comic and funny views on topics of interest from the sublime to the bizarre. Jokes, stories, and also some amazing guests.


A native New Yorker, American entrepreneur, best selling author and TV personality Jon Taffer joins Gentry backstage to talk about his newest season of Bar Rescue Sunday nights on Paramount. Jon gives his guide on how to start your own bar and how much capital it takes to run a successful restaurant business. He even tells the stories of the legendary bands he encountered at an even more legendary venue, the Troubadour which Jon Taffer managed in the 70s and 80s. Jon then describes how the future of bars across the country may include cannabis alongside our favorite alcoholic beverages.
Gentry gets Jon to talk about his drumming background and even his favorite band. The two go on about music, the best drinks, the Las Vegas club scene, gambling and so much more. Make sure to subscribe and follow for the latest interviews.
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The Coolest Geek Alive Personal Journal Jesse Blaze Snider is the hero we need, bipartisan & scrutinizing. Like a nerd culture Arthur Fonzarelli, he’ll give you that perfect advice you need or jump some sharks to save the day himself. He’s a geek like you. A fan of the source material FIRST, who believes that [...]

Bryan Cranston joins Gentry backstage to answer some questions about his new show “Your Honor” and classic “Breaking Bad.” Bryan Lee Cranston is an American actor, filmmaker, and director. In “Your Honor” Bryan stars as a judge who confronts his deepest convictions when his son is involved in a hit and run that embroils an organized crime family.
Bryan also stars in hit television classic “Breaking Bad” playing the lead role as a chemistry teacher and drug kingpin, Walter White. His role as Walt in Breaking Bad won him three consecutive Emmys for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series. He is also well known for his role as Hal Wilkerson in Malcolm in the Middle.
If you would like a chance to meet Bryan Cranston himself, you can enter his Super Bowl Tickets raffle benefiting the Big Brothers Big Sisters of America Foundation. Go to to donate which automatically enters you in the raffle.
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Lisa’s purpose for this book is to prove that bravery is a muscle we can strengthen over time through small, daily acts. Lisa shares her vast career experiences as a corporate executive, sportscaster, Playboy cover model, and most famously an investigative journalist. Her investigation has helped highlight crime, scams, child abuse, and even cold case murders.

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