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Michael Cohen “Disloyal”

In his new book "Disloyal" Michael Cohen describes the president as “a cheat, a liar, a fraud, a bully, a racist, a predator, a con man.” In our interview Cohen recalls the first time he met Donald Trump face to face calling it "a day he will never forget". On that same day he landed the role as Executive Vice President of The Trump Organization and special council. He admits to admiring Trump for 20 years prior to that meeting having read The Art of The Deal twice and feeling a true connection in their personalities. Cohen opens up to Gentry Thomas about the pivot moment when he realized he had made the biggest mistake of his life aligning with Donald Trump. From 2017 to 2018, Cohen was deputy finance chairman of the Republican National Committee. In April of 2018 the FBI came to showed up at Cohen's doorstep, but according to him they waited until his son left for school and the officers where very cordial with Cohen who at the time was the lawyer for The President of the United States. They took a bunch of documents from his home, his law office and a hotel room he was staying at.  Cohen would go on to plea guilty to five counts of willful tax evasion; one count of making false statements to a bank; one count of causing an unlawful campaign contribution; and one count of making an excessive campaign contribution. Looking back on these mistakes our host Gentry Thomas asked Cohen what did he learn from all this? "I want people to understand this, that when Donald Trump hired him he was a real estate guy and once he became President he changed" explained Cohen.  Michael Cohen joined us from house arrest as he was among some of the inmates at  Otisville Federal Prison in upstate NY, who were released into home confinement because of concerns about the spread of the coronavirus. Mr. Cohen, 53, is serving a three-year sentence for federal crimes and has one more year left to serve.  Click the link to listen to Cohen's new podcast called "Mea Culpa" with Michael Cohen  Buy Michael's new book "Disloyal" For more Backstage Pass with Gentry Thomas be sure to subscribe @ The Podcast Playground  See for privacy information.



Bridgette B. Since we figured out you cannot say, write, breathe, smell a certain three letter word that starts with S and ends in X ( I’m not kidding)…we took matters into our own hands, literally! With a new name for the show the journey continues.


Short Wave

Everyday mysteries, and the science behind the headlines — all in about 10 minutes, every weekday.


Tommy Chong Getting High with Gentry Thomas

Tommy Chong talks with Gentry Thomas while laying low in Southern California during the covid-19 outbreak. Tommy Chong the cannabis king took a moment to put down the bong and talk to us about how he was dealing with the recent pandemic that has made the whole world sit back and take a chill pill. In good spirits, the now 81 year old living legend, was candid with Gentry Thomas about why he believes that this is "mother nature's way of fighting back". In part he thinks that it's due to climate change and b;ames China on being over populated and wrapping all their goods in plastic. Chong says that nowadays no one cares about our planet and she is fighting back. See for privacy information.


Pauly Shore Podcast

Pauly Shore talks new movie Guest House and his favorite bands of all time.


Science Rules with Bill Nye

Bill Nye, The Science Guy is on a mission to change the world — one voicemail at a time.


June 22, 2021 – National Onion Rings Day | National Chocolate Eclair Day

This Word Is French For "Lightning" And That's How Quickly The Pastry Disappears. Welcome to June 22nd, 2021 on the National Day Calendar. Today we celebrate great moments in greasy spoon history and carbs fit for a king.  It’s not often that a fried food becomes a lightning rod for controversy, but on June 10, 2007, that’s exactly what happened to onion rings. After 6 seasons, The Sopranos took its final bow. But rather than the series ending with a bang, it ended with the main character sitting in a diner, eating an onion ring. The frustration at this show’s “big finale” is understandable, but so is the moment of solace that Tony Soprano gets from this diner grub. Usually French fries get all the love, but there’s really nothing better with a burger than a crispy order of onion rings. Whether thickly battered or lightly fried, this comfort food is absolute heaven. On National Onion Rings Day, hook up your meal with the side dish that truly satisfies. Not much is known about the origin of eclairs, but we do know they became famous in nineteenth century France. Chef Careme is thought to be their creator, as he baked them at the Court of King Louis the 18th.  The word eclair means flash of lightning, which may be a nod to its shiny frosting. Or it could be the speed at which Louis devoured his favorite pastry.  Today, chocolate eclairs can be found in bakeries around the world, although they shouldn’t be confused with the Long John.  This is a doughnut that’s shaped like an eclair with a cream filling and chocolate glaze.  On National Chocolate Eclair Day, celebrate in courtly style, with the pastry that still goes down lightning fast.  I’m Anna Devere and I’m Marlo Anderson.  Thanks for joining us as we Celebrate Every Day.

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