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Bridgette B. Since we figured out you cannot say, write, breathe, smell a certain three letter word that starts with S and ends in X ( I’m not kidding)…we took matters into our own hands, literally! With a new name for the show the journey continues.


Robert Alexander: SHAQ Dream Big Docuseries hit HBO Max tomorrow

Gentry goes Backstage with Director and Producer Robert Alexander best known for his work on 'A Man Named Scott' and 'The Shop'. Rob recounts his newest work, a documentary on NBA Hall of Famer Shaquille O'Neal and his bigger than life personality. Gentry brings up how different the big fella is from the majority of celebrities and despite his larger than life stature he's pretty down to Earth. The documentary debuts November 23rd on HBO Max.Rob calls Phil Jackson The Zen Master and talks about what it's like talking to so many famous athletes and coaches. He then illustrates the many characters you'll meet in the upcoming documentary. Gentry and Rob talk about the NBA, celebrity lifestyles, Shaq, and so much more. Make sure to subscribe and follow for the latest interviews.


Dr. Death

DR. DEATH is a story about a charming surgeon, 33 patients and a spineless system. Reported and hosted by Laura Beil.


Doug E Fresh with Gentry Thomas on The Backstage Pass 2021

His Mother called him Douglas, the hip-hop world calls him "The World's Greatest Entertainer," most know him as Doug E Fresh. The Human Beatbox joins Gentry Thomas on this episode of The Backstage Pass to talk about his new album and wanting to spread good vibes and energy. Fresh grew up in Harlem, N.Y. and says the best thing he did was get the permission to use the Inspector Gadget theme for his hit song The Show with Slick Rick. On the podcast he tells us how he got connected with Prince through Sinbad and what made the The Artist so special. He also gives us a preview of his new album This One's for Chuck Brown paying homage to The Godfather of Go-Go music. The 55-year old told us that he was introduced to Go-Go music in DC. Listen to this episode and all the episodes of The Backstage Pass now available wherever you get your podcasts.  email the show @   See for privacy information.

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