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Deron Harris Podcast

Deron Harris, a stand-up comedian, and actor has launched a podcast to chronicle his life and new marriage. Dope Shit of the Week Award, Ear Buds, Strain of the week, and What's Poppin' with Deron Harris.

Deron Harris Podcast

Jerry O’Connell host of Pictionary on Fox

Gentry goes Backstage today to talk to famous actor and director Jerry O'Connell. He talks about his newest adventure, being the host of a Pictionary game show airing on Fox. The two also talk about how much the younger generation has lost its touch with art because of all of their devices. To each man's bewilderment they don't teach kids how to sign in cursive anymore.Jerry talks about working on the 1996 movie 'Joe's Apartment' where he plays a young man moving into a grimy New York City apartment which has talking and singing roaches. He then talks about what it's like being a child actor and working on 'Stand by Me'. Gentry and Jerry shoot the breeze about being dads, Pictionary, Tom Cruise, and so much more. Make sure to subscribe and follow for the latest interviews.

Jerry O'Connell Backstage with Gentry Thomas

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