Dem Vinyl Boyz

Dem Vinyl Boyz

For decades, people who enjoyed music on vinyl records instead of CDs or MP3s were considered dinosaurs, moving at 33 RPM while the rest of the world rushed to go digital. Not only did vinyl refuse to die but demand is at its highest since at least 1991. It’s a good thing Dem Vinyl Boyz saved all their records in milkcrates way back in the closet! Because now we got 2 new needles, microphones and the biggest collection of 12-inch records on the radio!

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Dem Vinyl Boyz  love the joy of sliding a favorite album out of its cover; the crackle of a needle just dropped into a groove; the careful way to pick up and flip a record when a side ends. On the podcast each week we feature a different piece of music history on vinyl. We listen to it front and back along while giving you commentary and facts about the music. Put on your earbuds in and let us take you on a musically journey listening to the greatest music of all time and the history of how it became legendary! Dem Vinyl Boyz!

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