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Adam Carolla Joins Gentry Thomas Has No Apologies For His New Book


Gentry delivers today’s rendition of Backstage Pass with actor, comedian, radio personality, and record breaking podcaster Adam Carolla. The man with the girthiest…….. hands has a new book releasing ‘Everything Reminds Me of Something: Advice, Answers… but no Apologies’ which is available for purchase now on amazon. Gentry and Adam talk about the difference between going on CNN vs Fox and how profitable podcasting can be. Carolla also talks about his new invention the beet bracelet which hopefully will hit stores soon. The 58 year old comedian tells stories of his fellow joke tellers who’ve recently passed such as Norm McDonald and Gilbert Gottfried. After reminiscing and remembering the ones we sadly lost Adam and Gentry make presidential predictions as well as talk about our current president. We get all the dirty details about Trump, Adams’ new book, the Playboy Mansion, and the all time great comedians. Make sure to subscribe and follow for the latest and greatest interviews.


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