Backstage this week with Cedric The Entertainer


On today’s episode of Backstage Pass with Gentry Thomas we are joined by an actor, game show host, and a stand up comedian Cedric The Entertainer. The two talk about Cedric’s show on CBS, a sitcom called The Neighborhood. The series revolves around a white family moving into a predominantly black neighborhood and their day to day lives. Cedric even gives his own advice for any white families in the same situation. Due to the recent spike in comedians being attacked on stage firstly with Chris Rock and now with Dave Chapelle being tackled in LA Gentry asks Cedric for his take on the matter. The stand up comedian tells his own horror story about his worst heckler and how he ended up shutting him down. The 58 year old Hollywood star gives his take on State Farm, all-time comedy legends, Dubai, and so much more on today’s pod. Make sure to subscribe and follow for all of the latest episodes.

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